Selected projects from school, hackathons, and my free time. Mix of software, experience design, and hardware focused work.

Aglet: Make healthy habits


Created iOS & Android React Native app in a cross-diciplinary team through startup focused course.

View on Apple app store (no longer maintained):

Two Sided News


1st Place winner of Social Impact Award, Hack@Brown 2017

Developed web app and chrome extension to display an opposing view of a user selected news article with Bootstrap and Javascript.

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Uses an algorithm to personalize course recommendations for Brown students.

Worked with Spark, React JS, Java, and SQL to design a responsive and interactive user experience.

Created with a team for final project in Spring 2017 Software Engineering course (CS32).

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Analyzes Google Maps location history of two users and projects overlaps onto a physical table.

Worked with Javascript, jQuery, Leaflet.js, Firebase, Google Locations API, and Rasberry Pi.

Created with a team for final project in Fall 2016 "Designing Humanity Centered Robots" Course (CS1951C).

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Poket Watch: Image Recognition


This DragonHacks 2018 submission utilizes deep learning to help the visually impaired identify their surroundings.

Worked with React Native, Python, Microsoft Cognitive Services API, Tensorflow.

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